Sunday, October 24, 2010

1 on 1 Personal Training & Online Coaching.. I coach you to get fit!!


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With our two amazing professional instructors this new bootcamps is designed to teach your body how to build up flabby muscle and burn fat and in a whole new way. This is achieved by responding to deep controlled muscle contractions and newly created whole body exercise which are specially designed to those common problem areas of the body we allow to become underdeveloped and weakened through everyday bad habits. With excellent  instruction as well as nutrition coaching, you will see your results in your first week!


.  Lifestyle assessment
. Free consultation                            
. Endurance training                                                                                   
. Circuit training                                                
. Pilates & yoga integration                                
. Home/Office workout programs                      
. Glute “butt blast” workout                
. Core/abdominal, building your abs!                               
. Flabby arms & legs training                           
. Breathing, Stretch & posture
. Back injury and sciatica correcting
. Nutrition coaching
.  ALTERNATIVE: 1 On 1 Training, Extra Service
. 2 Top qualified trainers Jake & Stephanie


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